My Night Out At A Male Strip Club (Double Standards?)

One of my awesome friends Kim invited me out to a male strip club to celebrate her birthday.

It was cold, rainy and windy. Oh all I wanted to do was curl up in bed in my PJs. (You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, sure…”) But seeing that I’ve bailed out on her a few times, I thought I’d best be a good friend and celebrate her birthday with her and some of her friends.

We’ve had a few drinks, then headed off to The Rocket Room. As we got in the door, we were welcomed by beefy topless men (well not exactly “topless”, they did have bow ties around their necks). We went to the bar and got ourselves some drinks.

There were live shows (like what I would assume the movie Magic Mike was like? I’ve not watched it). First was a Channing Tatum type guy, then a construction worker guy, fireman and a police officer. They all danced, pulled girls up to the stage and performed very very sexual acts with them. The fireman used his hose. And the policeman had a banana in his g-string and then asked the woman on stage to take a bite, and she did of course.

Women in there were SCREAMING.

The  shirtless men that walked around the club would come talk to us women, flirt a little, danced and then whispered in our ears asking if we wanted a lap dance for $50 a pop (no pun intended).

Women were there in groups, birthday girls and brides-to-be clawed at their bodies, some blushed (me, included), and became, what I can only describe as, horny, horny, sexual predators. Beautiful Gazelles transformed into hungry Cougars.

It was a meat market. In the corner of the club were these men performing lap dances with towels around their waist, and their groins in these women’s faces. Oh my god.

I’ve never been to a female strip club, so I’m not sure if it’s the same but I’m pretty sure the men don’t scream like teenage girls. I wonder if there are regulars who would go there on their own?

This brings me to my next point. Double standards. 

Yeah, I touched the men’s bodies. But, all the women did. I danced with a couple of the men. But, all the other women there did too. 

What if, my husband went to a strip club to celebrate his mate’s birthday? With topless women hanging around them, offering lap dances? What if my husband touched their breasts, if all the other men did? How would I react if I knew? To be very honest, I’d probably be very pissed off. And that’s where the double standards come in.

Are women allowed to go to male strip clubs and touch these men’s bodies? There’s no harm right? It’s just a bit of fun. Would you let your husband or partner do the same in a female strip club? How would you react?

Let me know how you feel by leaving a comment!

Anyway, here’s a photo of me (on the left) and my lovely friend Kim (on the right). Thanks Kim for inviting me out and opening my eyes to a very very different world. Happy Birthday you mad woman, love you lots xxx