Could I Really Kill Someone? 

I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I had to help 2 other women kill a man. In this dream, this man was not a good person. I’m not sure why he wasn’t a good man, but in this dream, I was convinced that he had to be killed. 

It was only the last couple of years that I’ve not been scared to do things in my dreams. I used to wake myself up if I was scared. But lately, I’ve been brave enough to face my fears in my dreams. 

So I dreamt that I picked up a weapon (I cannot recall what kind it was), and I used it to kill him. I don’t remember how I killed him, but I remember that I did it. I felt no remorse killing him, in fact, I felt like I really helped those two other women. 

After I killed him, I had to hide his body. 
That’s when the panic set in. I was gonna get caught. The police came to the crime scene but I hid at a nearby cafe. The other two women talked to the police and told them they had no idea where that man I killed had went. 

Somehow I managed to escape questioning by the police. 

The dream ended with me getting away with murder. And it felt good. 

What the hell does this mean about my subconscious thoughts? 


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