“What will I tell my daughter about Trump’s victory?”

My newsfeed is STILL plagued with

“What will I tell my daughter about Trump’s victory?”

“It’s a sad day for all women.”

Calm. The. Fuck. Down. Fuckin’. Hell.

Since when did we allow one public figure to dictate how we parent our daughters?

Has everyone suddenly lost the intelligence to speak to their own daughters?

Has everyone suddenly lost their ability to parent?

I’ve got 2 daughters and lo and behold, I haven’t lost my ability to think for myself. I PROMISE YOU, I will NOT be allowing my daughter to be put in a position where they can be taken advantage of. Because that’s my raw, mother’s instinct. I haven’t suddenly lost all hope for them, for myself and all of womenkind. I haven’t lost my mind.

Think for yourselves, people.

You tell your daughter, that she can STILL BE whatever the hell she wants to be when she grows up. Because her parents are going to support her, and teach her how to be a decent human being along the way. But don’t expect to be given something just because of your gender. You want equal rights? Then show it. Don’t just believe what mainstream media tells you. Question it. Teach your daughters that they also have to think critically, not emotionally.

Stop fucking putting fear and self doubt into your daughters minds just because of an election. That’s shit parenting.

Continue being a lesbian! Continue wearing your hijab! Continue doing whatever you’re doing. Continue to follow your dreams.

Are strong women now really actually telling themselves “Oh no, I have to be weak now and let myself be taken advantage of?” When did one person suddenly have the power to change who we are?

Just because Trump has won, does not mean every woman is now suddenly going to magically lose their rights to everything. The silliness coming out of so many people’s mouths just absolutely baffles me.

If you are so worried about your daughter’s future, then maybe you should look at how Kim Kardashian is influencing girls all over the world.

For fuck sakes people. Think with your brains, not your vaginas.



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