It’s Better To Have Loved

Death is inevitable. Some fear it, some embrace it, some look forward to it and some won’t get a chance to fight it. 

There are different beliefs on what happens after death; you might go to heaven (or hell, if you don’t eat your veges), you might reincarnate (and be famous like Kanye), or maybe once you’re gone, you’re gone. *poof*

I have dealt with death for a long time. I work in a nursing home, so I see it a lot. People come, and they eventually go. We all know it’s their last pit stop. 

The first death I experienced was the loss of what would have been the most significant person in my life. It was my mother. She died of cancer when I was 5. While many mothers (not all of course, I know I’m not unique) live long enough to buy their daughters their first bra, teach her about periods, how to put on make up and how to cook, I had missed out on all of those experiences. But most of all, I missed out on loving her. 

Knowing that we will all die one day, we still continue to form loving and strong relationships with each other. That seems a little crazy, doesn’t it? We all know we eventually will have to leave the people we love behind, and yet we STILL CHOOSE TO LOVE. Wouldn’t it be easier if we never loved at all? 

The human spirit is a funny one. We make monumental sacrifices for the ones we love. We create tons of fond memories with them. Even when we know that there will come a day, when we will have to depart this earth. 

So I ask, is it worth loving someone then? 

I think it is (actually, I know it is). 

Grieving is vital. Grieving reminds you of how much love you had for each other. The amount of pain and sadness we go through when we lose someone, just shows there was equal or more amount of love you had for each other while they were still alive. 

I know I’m not the first to write about death, and I certainly won’t be the last to write about it either. 

The last couple of weeks have been a little bit hard for me. I’ve lost quite a few people. 2 of which I had time to mentally prepare for, but 2 came as quite a shock to me. I thought about the love I had for them. They were different levels of love, but still, it was love. I’m grieving and it pains me that they’re no longer with me, but I find solace in knowing that I was lucky enough to have them in my life and that we shared love, a connection, and a strong bond. 

Go ahead and keep on loving. Make wonderful memories. Forgive each other. 

So is loving someone worth the pain of inevitable death? Yes, yes it is. And I have to end this post with a quote that sums it all. 

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

– Alfred Lord Tennyson


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