Cake with Friends

Cake. The goodness that brings friends together.

Chocolate cake. Hummingbird cake. Carrot cake. Cheesecake. Angel cake. Butter cake. Banana cake.

A friend once asked me on our first catch up at a coffee shop, “Would you like to share a slice of cake?” The immediate shock and confusion on my face said it all. “Oh, I don’t share cake.” Why share when you can have a whole slice or slices to yourself?

When I have friends over at my house, we must have cake. Cake makes us all feel good, happy and relaxed. Topped with thick cream. We chat, laugh (or cry), eat cake, drink tea or coffee, eat more cake and laugh.

Children? Meh, they can go off and play, while we indulge in delicious, moist, cake.

Is it the very addictive nature of sugar that makes us love cake? Probably. Sugar makes everything yummy. And if your friend doesn’t have a second slice of your cake, because she is “watching her waistline”, well then, you know you can’t invite her over to your house anymore. You just don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. 

There’s nothing more therapeutic than sitting around the table and having a few hours chatting, confiding, consoling, laughing and gossiping with each other. With the right company, of course.

Ring your friends. Organise a morning or afternoon tea. Bake a cake. And enjoy.


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