A Shout Out To My Amazing Husband

My husband Adam and I are equal partners in raising our children. No, I’m not better than him, my power as a mother isn’t greater than his power as a father. I know everyone gives mums so much credit (rightly so) for raising children. But I just want to say, my husband should get the same amount of credit as I do.

I cook, he cleans up the kitchen after (with help from the teens). We both clean and tidy the house whenever we can. He does all the garden work (I still flatly refuse to learn how to use the lawn mower so I’ll never have to mow the lawn, ever). We both wash and hang out the laundry. I do the ironing. He showers the little ones while I cook dinner.

He works full time, I work 3 nights a week. He comes home from work in time for me to leave for work, so he’s there for the kids. He picks the older kids up from football and netball training when he can, picks and drops them off to their friends’ or to the train station etc.

I cook dinner every night and he cooks breakfast every weekend. He doesn’t just “help out”, we SHARE the work load. We are partners that support each other. He doesn’t come home from work, crack open a beer, sits on his ass and watches tv, which many men do. Instead, he plays dolls and trains , hide and seek and made-up adventures with Miss 4 and Mr 2.5. He’s pretty good at kissing their ouchies better too! 

We both work and run a very busy household with 4 kids and I couldn’t do it without him. No way. In fact, I go to work for a break from the kids!

He’s an amazing husband, dad, step-dad, son and brother. His only faults are his snoring that could cause a minor earthquake and his farts could cause paint to melt off the walls. 

So I just want to say thank you Adam, I couldn’t do it without you. You’re amazing, we are all so lucky to have you. I love, love, love everything about you. Thank you xxx



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