The Space To Write

I work 3 nights a week and by the time I get home, my body is aching and my feet are sore. But night time is my optimal time. It’s where I lay in bed and do most of my deepest thinking.

I lay in bed, next to my husband and I have my iPad out. It’s quiet (with the occasional snore from hubby), it’s peaceful and I have no disturbances from my children.

Once my fingers hit the keyboard, I’m pretty much unstoppable. I write and read until my eyelids go heavy.

I would like to try writing in a cafe or at a park some time. We shall see if the change of scenery might give me new ideas and inspiration!


One Comment

  1. Escaping to a new place will bring different thoughts and distractions. I write outside all the time. I may be stealing time from other productive expectations others have placed on me. But these expectations seldom interfere with my writing



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