Compassion – Why Isn’t It Taught In Schools?

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive – Dalai Lama

Why aren’t our children being taught compassion as a subject in school? I’m not saying for it to be taught everyday, or even get graded for it. But shouldn’t it be taught for an hour, maybe once a week?

I believe that children, right from an early age, should be taught examples of how one could demonstrate acts of kindness and compassion.

Time is spent disciplining children if they’ve done something wrong, by sending them to detention or cutting their recess time or even getting expelled. But is any time being spent using positive reinforcement? All children know is that if they’ve done something wrong, they will get punished.

But do they get told what they should be doing instead? Do they have the tools to know what they should do, instead of what not to do? 

The world itself has so many unpleasant things that already naturally occur, earthquakes, floods, diseases etc. Why do we have to go further and hurt each other? Us humans kill, hurt, cheat and bully each other. Isn’t life already hard enough in this world? Shouldn’t we all try to learn to be compassionate to one another?

I hope we all teach our own children at home how to be compassionate to each other, as our schools clearly do not think it’s important enough.

Compassion, kindness and forgiveness are actions that are far more valuable to mankind than any other action. It is more valuable than any money in the world.




  1. It would be a wonderful thought that compassion would go before violence. But destructive man is greedy and well organized. We reward those with gold with unlimited power. The common good is left to be a pauper waiting for a handout. Sometimes it comes. We have a hard time getting past our differences, and the shame is it costs us our similarities we could be sharing



      1. There was probably a time when we hunted and gathered that hoarding was important trait. But today it just makes brutal reality TV shows. It’s a bit outdated in most places. The isn’t much reason for the behavior


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