Things I Wish

I wish I could sing. I admire everyday people that go on X Factor or The Voice and just sing like their lives depended on it. The way their voices come from the depths of their souls, where they sing notes only I can ever hear in my head. I can’t sing. Sure I can “sing” but I can’t sing like Adele or even Elmo from Sesame Street. I can sing in the car and sing nursery rhymes to my children. But as soon as Let It Go comes on, I sound like a cane toad in heat. 

I wish I could fly. Who doesn’t? To feel the wind in your face. To take flight into the sky and through the clouds, to soar over mountains and rivers, how liberating would that feel? To be alone, swooping in and out of the sky with smooth gliding motions from my wings. 

Neither is possible but I am happy for them to just be dreams. There’s plenty I wish for and I can choose to work towards all of them. But these two can only be wishes, and it humbles me greatly. 




  1. Interesting reading, it would be nice to sing, I enjoy singing too but I would never be able to sing in public, don’t think my nerves could stand it.
    Looking forward to your future post.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.



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