One Word Inspiration – Regret

I have none. I have no regrets. 

I used to, of course. I regretted not finishing school, I regretted not taking certain job offers when I had the chance, I regretted wasting my youth.

But everything I DIDN’T do, has brought me to where I am right now. Those choices I didn’t make, have given me so much more.

I work as a carer in a nursing home. Sure, the money is just rubbish (taking the phrase “overworked and underpaid” to a whole new level). But it’s working with people who are at the end of their lives that have made me learn -to never live with any regrets. Because we all die in the end. And I don’t ever want to spend the last days of my life wishing I did it differently.

If you make a mistake, learn from it. Keep moving. It’ll be ok. But don’t regret it, don’t spend too long wallowing in misery. We HAVE to make mistakes, we HAVE to make wrong choices. Because if we don’t, how else would we learn to be stronger, smarter and happier?



One Comment

  1. Very true, you certainly have made a great life for yourself. We all have some regrets at certain points of our life, but just need to keep moving on, as I have tried to do from the other day when I wrote a post about regret, it’s not easy but I’m trying very hard.
    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday with your family.



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