Why I Write

I am an emotional writer. I write when I’m angry, happy, feeling funny, sad and confused. I love expressing my feelings, thoughts and emotions in words. I find it makes me cope with things better.

I’ve always loved writing. I remember being in high school and essay writing was my favourite class. While others would struggle to write half a page in an hour, I would write a four page essay in that same time. Once my fingers start writing, it is almost impossible for me to stop until it’s finished.

I love how I can be creative in my writing. I love how I can expand and elaborate something so simple. I love how words can work hand in hand with my imagination.

I would also like to help those who do not have the courage to speak, to write their stories about their struggles and where they find their strength. I want to tell the world of their pain, their hurt and their rise to where they are now.

I don’t know if this blog would even get read by anyone, but I am doing what I love best, and that is writing.



      1. I’ve been here a year. It’s still a mystery when I found out how much I don’t know about this site. But fortunately there are several people who help others. 😊


  1. That’s an amazing talent to be able to write creatively, and now you are doing something that you love.



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