How The Internet Really Works

So everyone needs to remember this very important piece of information first. The Internet is in the AIR. It is all around us.

Do you ever wonder how an email gets sent from one person in one country to another at lighting speed? It’s the special Internet invisible forces in the air that carries your email from your device to the other person’s device. It’s so fast because it uses air as a medium. The words you write and the photos and videos you send get swooshed back and forth so quickly you cannot see it.

When your Internet is slow, it’s because the forces have to dodge Grandma’s 20 high resolution photos of Little Ethan that she’s sending to her best friend Bethel (who, by the way, doesn’t own a computer). Grandma’s photos TRUMP your little email asking your bestie out for drinks tonight. It’s like you’re driving your little Hyundai Getz at high speed but you’ve come to a screeching halt because a big ol’ school bus full of Little Ethans are in your way.

High resolution photos = expensive camera

Low resolution photos = cheap camera

How about Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi stands for “Wild Fire”, because that’s how fast the Internet forces move. It’s something you must ask for when you’re at your friend’s house. If they’re good enough of a friend, they’d give you their password for their Wild-Fire (or us technical people would call – WiFi). That’s when you get your laptop out to download the latest episode of Games of Thrones. Because true friends let you do that. And it won’t cost you a cent. The Internet forces then goes out and searches in the depths of the air for the latest episode and starts unpacking it into your laptop. Click save.

World Wide Web = Internet = Air. How the term World Wide Web came about is still unknown. I will make an educated guess and say it has something to do with spiders, and spiders are found all over the world.

The information highway. If you need to know where the majority of the Pygmy population lives, just type it into Google search. Google is like the middle man. The Google Internet forces will start beckoning into the universe and looks for your answer. Someone out there in another part of the world (who most probably is an actual Pygmy) already knows this information and would’ve already typed it out somewhere (from his hut). And that force finds it and displays it onto your screen. In a split second. Whoosh. Just like that.

I hope this information has been of help to you. If you know anyone else who is Internet illiterate, be sure to share this post!

May The Internet Force Be With You. Especially with you, Grandma (You might want to ring Bethel).

Now you’re gonna want to know about Pygmies. You’re welcome.


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