It’s Mother’s Day, not Child-Free Day

So this is my very first blog post. And it’s Mother’s Day. What would prompt me to start my very own blog, unable to sleep last night, thinking of what to write? Well, it’s because I came across a Mother’s Day article on Facebook yesterday and I was, like, wait, WHAT? Some of the mums from school were also saying, “Urgh, all I want is a clean house and to be LEFT ALONE.”

But why?

Asking to have a clean house for a day doesn’t make any sense to me. Because on all the other days, did you forget that even after you’ve cleaned your house, your spawn would only mess it up 10 minutes later? Is there some special magnetic force field in your house every Mother’s Day that puts everything  back into place when moved? I’d rather have that EVERY OTHER DAY!

Asking to be left alone also doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s Mother’s Day. You’re a mother BECAUSE of your children. They’re all excited to make the day extra special for you, because let’s face it, on all the other days, they don’t really give a shit.

A friend said to me the other day that she doesn’t believe in celebrating Mother’s Day. “It should be Mother’s Day EVERYDAY.” she sighed. I know. I get it… almost of us really do not get the recognition for what we do everyday. Why should we? When we were at school, did we ever go up to our school teachers everyday and say, “Thank you for being such a great teacher, working hard to educate us! Would you like me to carry your books for you? You look like you need a hug, can I please give you a hug?” Nah, I didn’t think so. 

As I’m writing this post, my husband and teenagers are cooking up a big breakfast together. This is something that doesn’t happen, ever. Usually my husband, myself and our two toddlers have breakfast without the teenagers because they don’t normally get out of bed on the weekend unless they HAVE to (almost always when they’ve realized they’re hungry).

And this morning, they all got up and came into my bedroom with little presents. Yep, I got winter pyjamas and a pair of booties. I also got a lotto ticket and a scratchie (I won 20 bucks woooohooooo!) I love putting up collages of photos of my family up on our walls and so I also got a large photo frame. But what’s so thoughtful is the number of different ways my husband drew penises in the windows on the photo frame. I love drawing penises. He knows that. My husband is so amazing. But that’s for another post.

To all the mums out there, have a wonderful day today. I know you’re meant to be appreciated everyday but guess what, don’t be greedy, it just ain’t gonna happen. Hey, get your kids to be your slaves for a day. But don’t shut them out. That’s not very nice.



My temporary collage of penises to be replaced by photos of my happy family






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